Sustainability at ACU

Each of us makes a commitment to sustainability as expressed in our Code of Conduct for All Staff.

Sustainability at ACU is to consider the financial, environmental, workforce and workplace impacts in all personal and organisational decision making for the long-term benefit of the ACU community and organisation and environment more broadly.

Code of Conduct

Being part of ACU means we all make a commitment to adhere to the four key principles outlined in the Code. Take the time to read through and reflect on actions and obligations of the key principle of Sustainability.

Keep an eye on the Human Resources Updates Workplace group as we explore sustainability in more detail during the month of October.

More information

Explore the other #CodeOfConductForAllStaff key principles of honesty, respect and courage in our Workplace thread. 

Take a look at our information on workplace behaviour and learn about how to raise concerns at the university.

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