Directorate name change

Sport, Wellbeing and Residential Life Directorate (SWRL), formerly Student Engagement and Services (SES), has been reorganised and renamed to better reflect the programs and services offered at ACU.

The Directorate will continue to offer an enhanced, innovative array of co-curricular programs and services for students, staff and community via a national approach delivered on and off campus and through digital means.

The Sport, Wellbeing and Residential Life Directorate will be reorganised into four units and will branch into the following programs:

  • The Office of the Director – operating under the new name Sport, Wellbeing and Residential life (SWRL), led by Director Paul McJannett.

  • ACU Sport Unit – managed by National Manager, ACU Sport Tristan Liles.

    • Sport programs
      There are a wide range of services on offer under sport programs including sport clubs, UniSport Australia-endorsed programs, Intervarsity competitions, Elite Athlete and Performer Program, social sport and community events.

    • Sport activations – managed by Manager, National Sport Activations Kellie Maxwell.
      The Tracks are innovative engagement spaces for students, clubs and the wider ACU community to build connections and develop a sense of belonging through sport and events. We currently operate Tracks at the Melbourne, North Sydney, Strathfield and Brisbane campuses.

      Sport facility bookings 

      ACU students, staff and local communities are invited to make the most of our sport facilities across our campuses, from the FIFA-grade synthetic pitch in Strathfield, to ovals and a swimming pool in Brisbane.

      We currently have plans for building additional sport facilities at our Melbourne and Canberra campuses to offer excellent sport opportunities and experiences for everyone.

  • ACU Health and Wellbeing Unit – managed by National Manager, ACU Health and Wellbeing Nirveeka Cooper.

    • ACU Medical Centres
      ACU has three on-campus medical centres at the North Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne campuses. The centres offer comprehensive, high-quality health care to ACU students, staff and the local community, including psychologist services.

      An approved plan is currently underway to extend the medical services through local partnerships, satellite models and seasonal health programs such as immunisation across all ACU campuses.

    • ACU Sport Gyms – managed by Manager, National Gyms and Fitness Troy Walker.
      ACU Sport Gyms provide students, staff and the local community opportunities to be active on campus. ACU currently operates gym spaces on the North Sydney and Melbourne campuses and bootcamp-style fitness programming on Brisbane Campus. Students and staff on the Blacktown and Ballarat campuses can access discounted membership rates at local gym partners.

      ACU Sport Gyms will be renamed ACU Active prior to Semester 1 2022. A new four-dimensional delivery model (Bricks & Mortar, Digital, Pop-up, Staff Wellbeing) will expand and extend the health and fitness offerings across ACU campuses.

  • ACU Residential Life Unit – managed by National Manager, Student Accommodation Simone Gallo.

    • Student accommodation communities
      ACU student accommodation communities provide a nurturing environment away from home where students can get the support they need to reach their goals, meet new people and enrich the university experience with access to fun events, academic supports and wellbeing services. We offer student accommodation in Ballarat, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne and Rome.

    • National Rental Advisory Service for students
      The ACU Rental Advisory Service aims to assist students who are experiencing issues while renting privately, require more information about their rights as a tenant or need help finding safe and legitimate accommodation.

    • Residential Life Programs, including Respect. Now. Always.
      Our residential communities are vibrant, active and engaged communities where university support services are embedded in the co-curricular Residential Life Program, increasing engagement and participation which deliver positive evidence-based academic outcomes. With a commitment to safe campuses, we deliver programs where peers create an environment that is intellectually stimulating and characterised by generosity and mutual support.

    • Student Legal Advice Service
      ACU offers students access to Wisewould Mahony Lawyers for legal advice at no cost. ACU Student Legal Advice Service is offered from 15 January to 15 December. It allows up to two 45-minute appointments (virtual) with a specialist lawyer including provision of written advice. This service helps to remove barriers to retention.

  • Business systems – The directorate also manages two university-wide, cutting-edge co-curricular payment systems including Links and ACU Life powered by CampusGroups.
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