New location for Microsoft Teams recordings

Microsoft Stream is undergoing redevelopment to improve the way users manage and interact with video content. This means Microsoft Teams meeting recordings will now automatically be stored in the OneDrive of the person who pressed record, or in the ‘Files’ tab for channel meetings.

How will it work?

Standard meetings

For most standard meetings, the recording will be stored in the ‘Recordings’ folder in the OneDrive directory of the person who started the recording. 

 Screenshot of navigation to OneDrive folder named Recording


Channel meetings

For channel meetings, the recording will be stored in a ‘Recordings’ folder in the ‘Files’ tab for the channel.

The ‘Files’ tab stores all files in a SharePoint site and document library for the channel. Everyone who is a part of the channel will have permission to edit and view the recording.

How do I access and play back a meeting recording?

Standard meetings

All meeting participants will have access to view the meeting recording by default.

If you were part of a scheduled standard meeting, go the ‘Details’ tab of the meeting event in your calendar and select the recording. 

 Screenshot of Teams Meeting Recording demo


Channel meetings

For channel meetings, go to the channel conversation and select the recording.

Note: The recording will become available after the meeting was scheduled to end (so not necessarily when it actually ends).

Where do I access previous Teams meeting recordings?

For now, previous Teams meeting recordings will remain in the current version of Microsoft Stream and can continue to be accessed from Stream.

Where can I get more information?
  • More information is available from the Microsoft Teams support documentation.
  • ACU Service Central Knowledge Base articles will be updated by the end of this week with more detailed information and guides on Teams recordings in OneDrive and SharePoint.
  • Stay up to date via the IT Updates Workplace group.

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