Recovery at Work Program and updated WHS procedures

ACU’s new Recovery at Work Program supports staff to access medical and other services in the event of an injury. The program also raises awareness about recovery at work processes for personal and work-related injuries and illnesses and the need to submit reports of work-related injuries within 24 hours (via Riskware).

Several Work Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) procedures have also been revised to strengthen consultation about safety and wellbeing at ACU and to facilitate ongoing improvements to the safety of campuses and WHSMS.

These changes are summarised in the tables below. Keep up to date with all changes to HR policies on the Human Resources Update group in Workplace.

New program
Document Summary
Recovery at Work Program The program outlines ACU’s commitment to supporting staff to sustainably recover from work-related and personal injuries/illnesses at work. ACU applies ‘early intervention’ principles to support injured staff with timely access to medical and other services (if impacted by a compensable work-related injury). Staff contribute by reporting injuries and work-related illnesses (in Riskware) within 24 hours. Recovery at Work processes are informed by strong collaboration between a staff member’s supervisor, medical practitioners / rehabilitation providers and a WHS Officer.
Revised procedures
Document Summary
WHS Communication and Consultation Procedure The procedure has been updated to highlight the role that managers and supervisors play in consulting about safety and wellbeing issues that matter to staff, students and others. Staff should access the procedure to learn about ACU’s consultation forums and to strengthen their understanding of how they contribute to consultation and the WHSMS.
WHSMS Implementation Procedure The procedure describes ACU’s Work Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS or framework) and includes relevant hyperlinks and summary information about the various WHSMS policies, procedures and tools that should be applied to manage specific WHS risks, eg using hazardous chemicals and driving. The scope of the procedure has been broadened to include summaries of ACU’s processes for managing lone working, contractors, electrical hazards, maintenance and high-risk activities (including working on ladders).
WHSMS Planning Procedure The revised procedure describes the university’s processes for implementing ongoing improvements to the Work Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) and the safety and wellbeing of campuses. The procedure also informs the WHS action plan that details objectives and targets (and associated actions) for reducing injuries, improving wellbeing, and aligning work and learning activities with the WHSMS.
More information

The updated documents are available on the policies and procedure page and your safety and wellbeing pages of the staff website.

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