Celebrating our academic successes

A message from Interim Provost Professor Meg Stuart:

With Semester 1 census behind us, it's time to note and celebrate our successes. So much of the work of the last 18 months is beginning to bear fruit . The introduction of an online campus and several new programs are among progress worthy of notice.

ACU Online

This week ACU Online has officially commenced teaching to students across the country for Term 2. This milestone is a considerable achievement, as the creation of the new platform was simply a concept 12 months ago.

We talk a great deal about our mission at ACU, widening participation and unlocking barriers to education. ACU Online is a real example of how we can welcome a new student cohort to be a part of the ACU community.

Since launching the platform, the Master of Teaching, Bachelor of Commerce, MBA and Aged Care Management have attracted the most enquiries. We are already seeing steady interest from a greater field of students, and we are confident of sustained growth.

The 2023 course portfolio is nearing completion, directly informed by market analysis. Once finalised, we will start the course approval process.

Staff input and discussion has proved invaluable in developing the programs; we are planning further forums with schools and directorates to provide updates and showcase work created for ACU Online and for you to ask questions about progress.

ACU Online has been a highly collaborative initiative across the university, and I would like to thank every academic and professional staff member who has helped bring this learning experience to life for students.

Diploma Programs

A new suite of five diploma programs has already attracted a high volume of applications from both domestic and international markets. The new disciplines are:

  • Diploma in Biomedical Science
  • Diploma in Business
  • Diploma in Exercise Science
  • Diploma in Information Technology
  • Diploma in Nutrition Science

These new Diplomas provide a supported and scaffolded transition to higher education, for students who are unable to demonstrate the entry rank for the equivalent Bachelor program. On completion, students will have the option of exiting with a diploma or articulating to second year of the Bachelor program.

The Diploma in Biomedical Science is the standout of these, exceeding 2022 targets. The other programs did not perform as well; a combination of global, environmental, and contextual factors meant that we could not convert offers-to-enrolments to the extent we would have liked. Some of the Diplomas will be offered for mid-year entry and then all will be available again for 2023 admission.

The existing Diploma of Languages is still available but only offered as concurrent enrolment for undergraduate students.

Bachelor of Criminology

The Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice was introduced this semester in Brisbane, Blacktown, North Sydney and Melbourne. This degree is off to a flying start, led by Associate Professor Clive Harfield and a team of Dr Shannon Dodd (Brisbane), Dr Mark Hamilton (North Sydney/Blacktown) and Dr Adie Teshome (Melbourne). From all reports, the students are enjoying this innovative offering – including students from Law and other degrees who have chosen to study criminology as an elective option.

Finally, as we enter the second half of the semester and with the winter months approaching, I encourage you to take some time to plan for your next break and to factor in downtime throughout this busy year.


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