Protecting against COVID-19

ACU strongly encourages staff to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including obtaining a booster dose as soon as eligible. Please seek advice from your doctor or relevant health professional if you have any concerns. Health advice is also available for those recovering from COVID-19.

Continuing and fixed-term staff can obtain a COVID-19 booster on work time. You will need to arrange a vaccination time and then notify your supervisor of the time you will need to attend – a morning, an afternoon, or an extended lunch period.

There is no need to record this time in Staff Connect, or make up the time. You simply need to let your supervisor know you have a vaccination booking and what time you will attend.

Please remember to apply our COVID safe practices:

Icon of a house with words Stay home if unwell or if you are a close contact with symptoms
Pictogram of a swab.Get tested if unwell, self-isolate and follow health advice
Icon of a vaccine.Get vaccinated and get a booster when eligible

Icon of hands being washed.Practise good hand hygiene
Icon of a person sneezing into a tissue.Practise good respiratory hygiene
Icon of a disposable medical face mask.Carry a facemask at all times and wear facemask if mandated to do so
Pictogram of two people social distancing.Follow physical distancing guidelines
Icon of a clipboard.Continue to follow COVID-safety plans of the campus or placement provider

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