The gift of feedback

A message from Chief Operating Officer Dr Stephen Weller.

It’s no secret that feedback is an important component of recognising good service and improving staff services. Service feedback can be considered a gift because it provides an opportunity for the giver, receiver, service area and the wider university.

Our services require your feedback and more of it, so we know how well staff needs are met and what could be improved. Feedback helps us make evidence-based service decisions and influences innovations and changes to services. Without you sharing your experience as a service user, we don’t have sufficient information to strive for the best service experience.

All feedback is important, whether it is affirming great service or advising of poor service that requires attention. Receiving feedback can motivate service providers to perform better and affirm what they are doing well. Everyone likes to feel valued and know what they could further work on.

What do we know about service satisfaction at ACU?

Since 2019, Service Central has been the primary channel for collecting feedback on the staff service experience for a range of services including IT, HR, Properties & Facilities, MER, Student Administration, Finance, DASI, Governance, Legal Services and Service Improvement Team. Prior to Service Central, the average service satisfaction across multiple university staff services (2015) was at 67 per cent favourable. Satisfaction scores since 2019 have markedly increased to an average of 95 per cent, with satisfaction currently sitting at 96 per cent for 2022.

We need more service feedback from you

The data shows very high satisfaction scores but is based on a small sample of respondents, with a response rate of less than three per cent. I encourage you to share your feedback so that we’re able to get a broader view of the staff service experience at ACU.

It's now easier to provide feedback

There are multiple ways you can provide feedback on your service experience.

1. Service Central home page: Click on the link at the bottom of the page to provide feedback about current or past Service Central tickets, difficulties finding something via the search bar, the Knowledge Base, the portal, or any service experience.

 Image of feedback button in the Service Central portal.

2. Service Central tickets: when your ticket is resolved and closed, you will receive an email notification with:

  • a link to re-open the ticket if you are not satisfied
  • a link to a feedback survey with two simple questions “How satisfied are you with this service?” and “Would you like to tell us more?
 Image of a Service Central resolution email.

3. Knowledge articles: You can rate Service Central knowledge articles and make suggestions for improvements.

 Image of Service Central knowledge article feedback field.

4. Contact Service Central: Share your experience directly via live chat or phone (Ext 7272).

What happens to your feedback?

Collecting feedback is not enough – we will act on feedback to continuously improve services. Your survey feedback is reviewed and verified by Service Central.

  • Positive feedback/survey responses are passed onto managers to recognise the relevant service provider. This motivates staff to keep providing great service.
  • Negative feedback/survey responses are followed up with the respondent and shared with the provider to act upon improvements and solutions.
  • Common themes identified in feedback are examined further with service areas to determine changes or improvements required.
Your feedback makes a difference

In response to your feedback, we have:

  • improved the Service Central portal
  • improved the Service Central search function so that it generates more results based on your key words
  • created new service request forms and amended existing forms
  • improved processes
  • created and enhanced knowledge articles
  • expanded the availability of live chat.

Help us continue to improve our services by sharing your feedback. We look forward to hearing from you.

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