Technology tips for returning to campus

As the anticipated return to campus draws closer, these five tips for successfully setting up your computer at your campus workspace can help you get back to normal in no time, without needing to call for support (which could take some time to arrive in the first few days).

  1. Take a photo of your equipment when it’s still set up at home, including all wires and plugs.
    This way, you have a handy reference for how it’s supposed to look, which can help when you’ve got that one extra wire in your laptop bag (they always put in a spare, right?). You can also remind yourself of where each lead goes by wrapping a Post-it note around each one with a little hint written on it.
  2. Most plugs will only fit where they’re meant to go.
    There can appear to be a bewildering array of leads and chords and dongles and plugs when setting up any technology. The trick to figuring out where they all go is to simply examine the plug and the hole you’re fitting it into. Chances are if it looks right, it is right.
  3. Your docking station is the center of the universe when it comes to your laptop technology.
    You might not have used a docking station in a while, so as a refresher, remember that everything will either connect directly to the computer or via the docking station.
  4. Try it yourself before calling for support.
    If you set it up at home, you can probably set it up back on campus, so have a go first before calling for support. While we’re always happy to help, there may be delays in the first week back as both people and technology readjust to campus life, so you’ll get moving quicker if you can DIY.
  5. Reboot your computer then leave it on overnight.
    This will allow the computer to download updates from the network that it may have missed while it’s been camping away from home.

Remember that support is only a phone call away on 7272:

  • Option 1 is for urgent class and meeting room support only.
  • For all other issues, select Option 2.

Finally, on your first day in the office, make sure to remember all your accessories like headphones, mouse USB connectors, and keyboards!

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