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A basic search for empirical evidence on higher education teaching practices will return over four million articles, but even if you could read them all, how would you determine which were the best to use to inform your practices? A challenge we face in higher education is knowing which information is reliable and which is biased when faced with an abundance of information.

Using reliable information to inform our decisions can spell powerful implications for students. An example of this is knowing the best-available evidence which supports video-based learning, to help us prepare online lesson content for student learning.

But how do we know what’s reliable and what’s biased? How do we find this information? How do we interpret it? And how do we apply it?

To answer these questions and help us make informed decisions, the Centre for Education and Innovation (CEI) are offering staff the opportunity to complete a micro-credential (a five-credit point unit) focusing on evidence-based practices in higher education teaching as prepared by the INSPIRE group.

What works in higher education: evidence-based practices in the ‘classroom’

You might undertake this learning if you’re interested to know the evidence behind specific higher education teaching practices, get answers to questions about teaching that bug you, or build confidence about the decisions you’re making in your ‘classroom’.

What: UNMC581 – What works in higher education: Evidence-based practices in the ‘classroom’

When: Content will be delivered across Weeks 4-9 of Semester 2 (week starting Monday 15 August)

How: About one hour of asynchronous online content and another hour of synchronous online content each week (two hours each week, along with assessment preparation)

If you wish to express interest in this opportunity, complete the online form via the INSPIRE webpage. If you have more questions, please email John Mahoney.

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