Academic integrity resources for students

Additional resources to assist students to understand academic integrity and to avoid performing academic misconduct are now available. You may like to refer your students to some of these new resources, if applicable.

There is a new section of the student portal dedicated to academic integrity where students can find detailed information related to:

  • the importance of acting with academic integrity
  • examples of misconduct
  • resources to assist with acting with academic integrity
  • FAQs including the procedure around allegations of misconduct
  • the compulsory student Academic Integrity Modules.

New voluntary educative modules can also be accessed through the same self-enrol LEO site and these expand on specific aspects around academic integrity and potential misconduct in detail, or provide support to enable students to improve their skills. These include:

Legitimate collaboration and collusion

  • Are you confident you understand the difference?
  • What are ‘OK’ and ‘not OK’ behaviours?
  • What might be ‘at risk’ behaviours?

Referencing skills

  • Do you know why correct referencing is important?
  • When are citations needed?
  • Are you aware of the variety of resources available to assist you?

Please feel free to suggest any of these resources to your students.

Further questions?

Please contact the academic integrity team.

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