Integrity is our priority

ACU has a zero-tolerance approach to fraud and corruption. We expect our staff, our students and those we do business with to act with integrity, in line with our principles and values.

We uphold the character of ACU by ensuring:

  • ACU funds are spent for their intended purposes
  • university information is secure
  • academic and research activity is conducted with honesty and integrity
  • assets and resources are used appropriately to protect ACU’s interests and reputation.
What is fraud and corruption?

Fraud is a deliberate and dishonest act, intended for financial or personal gain.

Corruption extends beyond fraud and may not necessarily be criminal. It includes behaviour that breaches trust and confidentiality, such as theft, misuse of position or authority, or other acts that are unacceptable to the organisation and which may cause loss to ACU and its students, staff or the general community.

How do I report a fraud or corruption matter?

You can report fraud or corruption by contacting the KPMG FairCall whistleblowing reporting service:

Alternatively, you can report directly by contacting an Eligible Recipient. View section 2 of the Protected Disclosure Policy to learn who is an Eligible Recipient.
Reports can be made anonymously, and whistleblowers are protected in accordance with legislative requirements.

Preventing fraud and corruption at ACU

ACU has a strong focus on preventing fraud and corruption across the university. We do this by:

  • enacting our Fraud and Corruption Control Plan, which complements ACU’s Fraud and Corruption Control Framework
  • engaging third-party independent internal and external auditors to conduct regular periodic reviews of processes, controls and policy effectiveness
  • providing regular reports to executive management, our Audit and Risk Committee and, where relevant, our Academic Board, to ensure transparency and clarity of all related risks
  • maintaining positions across the university with specific focuses on fraud and corruption control, academic integrity and research integrity.
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