Need access to a SharePoint Online site?

Microsoft SharePoint Online is used to store a wide variety of information across ACU. If you need to access a particular site but don’t already have permission, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Navigate to the required site and request access.
     screenshot that says "you need permission to access this site"
  2. If you don’t receive permission within a reasonable amount of time, you can contact the owner of the page directly to request permission.

If you need to identify the owner of a SharePoint Online page, you can now use AVA, ACU’s Virtual Assistant.

  1. Open AVA from the left-hand menu of Microsoft Teams.
     screenshot of MS Teams left navigation panel showing icons for different actions
  2. Type ‘who is the owner for’ and paste the SharePoint Online URL you want to access. You can use any of these phrases but make sure to use these exact words or AVA won’t understand the request:
  • Who is the owner for (enter SharePoint URL)
  • Who are the keepers for (enter SharePoint URL)
  • Who are the admins for (enter SharePoint URL)

AVA will then search the database and email the list of SharePoint Online owners directly to you within 15 minutes.

Once you have the list of owners, you can contact them directly to give you access.

Please note that this replaces the Service Central form SharePoint Access, which will be removed from the catalogue on 26 May 2022.

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