Recognising our healthcare workers

A message from the Executive Dean of Health Sciences Professor Suzanne Chambers.

International Day of the Midwife last week and International Nurses Day this week remind us to recognise and thank our midwives and our nurses.

In the context of these international days of recognition, I am reminded of Dr Brian Kane’s presentation at the first of our Aquero Lecture series. He spoke of how we connect with others through our hands. We express care. We welcome children to the world. We hold the hands of loved ones. We greet friends. We work for the common good. We comfort the bereaved, the poor and the lonely. We do the hard work of caring for others. We wipe the tears of our grief with our hands, and we express our love.

International Day of the Midwife is held on 5 May every year and International Nurses Day on 12 May. We take these opportunities to give thanks for the contributions of our nurses, midwives and indeed all our healthcare workers.

Thank you to those who attended the inaugural Aquero Lecture last month. Dr Brian Kane talked about achieving health equity and cohesion in a divided world. We are planning two further Aquero Lectures this year, in July and November. The series aims to provide thought leadership in global health for the new post-COVID world order, in line with the Catholic intellectual tradition. Watch this space for the announcement of our next speakers.

I want to thank you for welcoming me to ACU. For more than nine months now, I have been able to call ACU home, and I am honoured to be here every day. Your compassion, kindness and drive to make a difference in the lives of others inspires me.

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