Our strategy journey: an update

A message from Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Zlatko Skrbis: As we step into the next phase of our strategy development journey, I would like to update you on the outcomes of the initial consultation round, which concluded at the end of October.

More than 840 people have already joined the conversation to contribute their vision for the future of the university. It is very pleasing to see such a large and diverse consultation that encompasses the voices of staff, students, alumni, our Catholic community, and other external stakeholders.

I would like to thank you for your time, creative contributions, and spirit of participation in this process.


In the first consultation phase, we proactively identified and discussed some of the most pressing challenges we face as a university, especially in light of global uncertainty, the review of Australia’s higher education system under the Universities Accord, rapid socio-political and technological change, and increased market competition. Likewise, we considered a range of strategic possibilities and further growth opportunities for the university.

The breadth of ideas and the diversity of perspectives put forward as part of this exercise is testament to our commitment to strategically position ACU to amplify its mission over the next decade.

As we craft and execute ACU Vision 2033, uncertainty in the external environment will likely continue to define our outlook. The Recovery Transition Program further underscores the importance of being bold and courageous in identifying long-term and mission-aligned opportunities for ACU, whilst taking the necessary measures to protect our sustainable future.

It also foregrounds the need to adapt to changing conditions with financial agility. These elements will be the fundamental drivers to sustain our vision towards 2033 and will thereby form part of next year’s discussions on the execution of our 10-year strategy.

Over the coming months, we will continue the strategy conversation. Your contributions so far form the basis of the Consultation Findings Summary Report, due to be released in mid-December via the ACU Vision 2033 website.

Our people are the creators of our future. I invite you to continue contributing to this important conversation as we collectively strive towards the common good.

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