An end to gloom and darkness

A message from the Vice-President Fr Anthony Casamento csma: we find hope and love in our moments of connection.

Anyone who has read the news in recent times would readily agree that times are difficult and many are hurting. The continuing brutal war in Ukraine, increasing costs of living, interest rate rises and a pervading sense of disconnection, all seem to underscore the notion that “the world is a bleak place.”

Yet, as I look around at our ACU community, I am reminded that the world is also grace-filled and hope-filled. It is populated with good and generous people who care for one another, who desire to be in community with one another, who find so many ways of making a difference for the better each day.

In so many ways, many of you continue to extend love and care to those who are suffering. And it’s in these moments of connection that I find hope. My belief that “our world is full of goodness and opportunity” is partly because our world is made up of people like you. Each one of us created, sustained and loved by God, is exactly who our world hopes for and needs. Your compassion, dreams and talents are a transformative source of light that is present even in the darkest moments.

I am constantly filled with gratitude and joy to be the Vice President of ACU, when I hear of the many ways that our ACU community members reach out to those who may be struggling, both recently as well as over the last few years. Such acts of tenderness and mercy are reminders that love abides in our university community. And where love abides, we find hope that together we will continue to grow and prosper as a university.

We are called to remember that we are loved of the God who created us, who sustains us and who desires for us every good thing. In the Christian tradition, at the beginning of the Easter Vigil, the Easter Proclamation is sung as the Paschal candle is lit. Let us take up this part of the prayer and embrace its spirit as we begin our Easter journey together:

Be glad, let earth be glad, as glory floods her, ablaze with light from her eternal King, let all corners of the earth be glad, knowing an end to gloom and darkness!

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