CloudStor storage to be decommissioned

ACU’s research storage service, CloudStor, is being decommissioned by the vendor in December 2023 due to aging underlying technology and advancements in cloud storage services from other providers.

ACU is currently working through options for cloud storage solutions to continue supporting the work of our researchers.

What to do if you are impacted
  • Continue using CloudStor as usual. We will advise you when to switch to the new solution.
  • In line with ACU’s data governance policy, please do not move your data to commercial storage providers such as Dropbox or external OneDrive.
  • ACU OneDrive can be used for personal data storage only. SharePoint should not be used at this time.
  • Look out for further advice regarding storage at ACU.

We are aware that new accounts and groups cannot be created in CloudStor. We recognise the impact of this and request your patience while we work through an interim solution.

Where to get help

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