A smoke-free, vape-free environment

ACU has recently revised its policy around smoking to include vaping. The updated Smoke-Free Vape-Free Environment Policy covers all types of vapes and vaping as well as the smoking of cigarettes and other tobacco-products.

You will soon see new signage around campuses reminding staff, students, and any visitors of these restrictions.

We remind you that smoking and vaping is not permitted on ACU campuses (other than in the designated smoking areas at Strathfield and North Sydney), in student accommodation, in ACU vehicles and on ACU-organised field trips and activities.

ACU encourages members of the university community to adopt a healthy lifestyle through assisting staff and students to give up smoking.

We recognise that some people may require assistance and encourage anyone who is considering quitting smoking or vaping to:

  • contact their local doctor or medical centre if they are considering quitting
  • staff may utilise the Employee Assistance Program
  • students may seek assistance from the ACU Student Counselling Service.

Professional help to assist staff members and students who wish to stop smoking or vaping is available from Quitline (a telephone advisory service available by calling 13 78 48) or by visiting iCanQuit.

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