Improved data security coming to mobile devices

Do you access ACU documents and information on your mobile device? If so, this affects you. Read on to find out how and what you need to do.

Our data is one of our biggest assets and also one of our greatest vulnerabilities. Accessing ACU data on the go means greater productivity and flexibility to work when we want, how we want. But all that data out in the wild can represent a significant threat to the security of our ACU information.

As part of our continuing cyber security improvements, we’re introducing data security protections that will give us better control over how our information is accessed when we’re away from our more secure environments (on campus or at home).

What does this mean for me?

Security ‘policies’ tell mobile applications how to share, restrict, and manage ACU data. The first applications to be protected by these policies will be Microsoft 365 applications (Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint etc) with more services to be added in the future.

Implementing these policies will have a slightly different experience depending on whether your device uses iOS/Apple or Android..

Note that these policies apply to both personal and ACU-managed devices but do not affect personal applications or data.

iOS/Apple users

If you’re an Apple user, all you’ll need to do once the change takes place is to acknowledge the notification that ACU is now managing its data in Microsoft 365 applications. You’ll need to do this for each application the first time you open it (eg. Outlook, Teams, OneDrive).

 IOS image

Android users

Android users will need to download the InTune Company Portal app by Microsoft to implement these policies and continue using Microsoft 365 applications on mobile devices. You will never need to open the app. Once downloaded, the app will work in the background without any interaction from you.

Once the app is downloaded and the change is made, you’ll also need to acknowledge the notification that ACU is now managing the data in every Microsoft 365 application installed on your phone (eg. Outlook, Teams, OneDrive).

You can download the app ahead of time via the app store or wait until prompted after the change takes place.

App installed prior to change



App not installed prior to change


 Android image


What if I don’t want to download the app?

All devices accessing ACU Microsoft 365 data on mobile devices are required to be managed by these security policies. To do so, Android requires the install of the InTune Company Portal app. If you don’t want to download the app, you can choose not to access ACU’s Microsoft 365 data on your mobile device and use a computer only.

Where do I get help?

Please contact Service Central if you need assistance.

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