Welcoming students to the ACU community

As our campuses start to buzz with the energy of a new semester, a series of welcoming events will be held to ensure commencing students are informed, engaged, and enlivened as they join the ACU community. All staff are encouraged to attend these events and to get involved in welcoming students to our vibrant ACU campus life.

As of Monday 23 January, the offerings from the Student Experience team began with a series of Virtual Welcomes providing general information to help students start their university journey.

From Monday 13 February, Getting Started Days will consist of sessions designed to boost students’ self-confidence, help them navigate their academic journey and understand the common challenges experienced throughout the first year. These sessions allow the incoming cohort to meet with peers and staff as they learn the skills needed for academic success.

From Wednesday 15 February, Faculty Days are an enhanced offering in 2023, providing insights into specific courses and academic expectations. Students will be introduced to their faculty and learn more about critical thinking and research skills.

Finally, the Welcome Fairs begin from Tuesday 21 February. These are an action-packed day to engage commencing students with the campus community. Participants will move about the campuses collecting ACU merchandise as they discover the many and varied offerings to support them in their university journey. Students can meet staff and peers from areas including:

  • academic skills and PASS
  • clubs and associations
  • student services including counselling and the Connect2Uni mentoring program.

Find out more about the welcome events for commencing students on your campus via the orientation section of the ACU website or email Associate Director of Student Experience Sarah Rose.

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