University Discipline Committee staff

The Office of the Deputy Chief Operating Officer and Director, Campus Leadership are seeking expressions of interest from both professional and academic staff members, to be on a panel for University Discipline Committees.

The Committees are made up of three members, a Campus Dean as Chair, one student and one staff member (selected from the panel). Discipline Committee meetings are held during normal university operating hours.

The role of the Discipline Committee is to consider allegations of student misconduct that may warrant a serious penalty, including sexual misconduct allegations. Student sexual misconduct matters often involve highly sensitive information which can be upsetting or triggering. Staff who are considering whether to submit an expression of interest are encouraged to bear this in mind and think carefully about whether they are comfortable to be involved in matters of this nature.

Successful staff will be required to undertake specialist training from the Safeguarding and Student Safety team or an external organisation working in the area of sexual harm in order to consider matters relating to sexual harm.

Commitment: Discipline Committees are rare and historically have been held no more than 5 times per year. Noting that there will be a panel of staff to draw upon, a staff member will be called upon infrequently. The role is for a two-year term.

Responsibilities: Staff will be selected by the Academic Registrar to join a Discipline Committee to consider a student misconduct matter. Where appropriate, staff will be briefed before hearing a specific matter. Staff will be expected to review information relating to the alleged student misconduct and attend the meeting to hear further information regarding the matter including the student point of view. The Committee will determine whether misconduct has occurred and if so, apply a penalty based on the policy and the context of the matter.

Required attributes:

  • Integrity and Confidentiality: A strong commitment to upholding ethical standards, maintaining confidentiality, and ensuring transparency throughout the proceedings.
  • Decision-making and Judgment: The ability to make fair, well-reasoned, and impartial decisions based on the information presented and in accordance with the established policies and procedures.
  • Empathy: The skill to consider multiple perspectives and show empathy towards individuals involved.

How to apply: Please email Melinda Phillipson to express your interest through a brief statement addressing your interest and suitability.

Closing date: Friday 18 August 2023

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