Changes to Academic Misconduct Procedures

See how ACU’s Academic Misconduct Procedures have been altered to improve the way that suspected cases of misconduct are managed.

Any suspected case of misconduct must be referred to the Lecturer in Charge (LIC).

Lecturers in Charge should then review the evidence to decide if the academic misconduct investigation should proceed to an allegation. If a decision is made to proceed, please provide a completed referral letter (template 1.2) together with all other relevant materials to the Academic Integrity Team (AIT) in the Centre for Education and Innovation. An Academic Integrity Officer (AIO) will then be assigned to assist with case investigation.

More information

Further information on this process is provided through the CEI Academic Integrity webpage.

Template letters and a more detailed flowchart outlining the process can be found on the Student Academic Integrity and Misconduct Policy and Procedures webpage.

You can also email your questions or concerns to

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