REDCap environment ready for users

The Office of Research Services, in collaboration with IT, has now launched a new redcap environment, ready for use by staff and students.

REDCap is a data collection and management application that was designed with clinical and health data collection, but which can be used for a wide range of cases from simple surveys to complex longitudinal trials.

The current environment will continue to be used for projects which may already be collecting data, while new projects which start from this point onwards should be created on the new environment. To distinguish between the two environments, please note the very minor change in the URL from to

Running the latest v.13 version of the REDCap application with improved speeds, reliability and security, the new environment fixes hundreds of bugs present in the current version and brings many previously inaccessible features to ACU users. Some of the many features include:

  • multi language management enabling multi-lingual projects
  • integration of the MyCap external module enabling patient-reported outcomes and repeating daily tasks
  • improved calendar subscription features:
    • REDCap project calendar in a calendar client of choice
    • project participants can now also integrate their events such as clinical visits or follow up appointments
  • new functionality around Alerts and ASIs to support repeating instruments
  • introduction of project dashboards allowing users to build dynamic dashboards containing live plots and text based on values in the dataset
  • the ability to make reports and dashboards publicly accessible via a link.

REDCap users will also be sent detailed information on how to access the new environment and migrate their existing projects.

For more information, please contact

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