An MFA for students update

With exam periods fast approaching and semester one soon to be a distant memory, it’s time to provide an update on the progress of the MFA for students project.

Welcome Fairs

As at the last update, we were preparing for Welcome Fair stalls at Brisbane, Strathfield, North Sydney and Melbourne campuses. 2200 students were registered during the welcome period. This provided significant insight into student experience to inform the overall rollout plan.

Rollout groups 1

Following the fairs, campus-by-campus rollout commenced with 3350 students from Adelaide, Canberra, Online, National and Ballarat. Students were given two weeks to register for MFA and were provided with reminder emails, instructions and SMS to ensure they were supported. 65% of students registered within the registration period, leading to only a handful of calls to AskACU for assistance (350 since February), all of which have been resolved.

Group One provided many valuable insights, including:

  • SMS was the most effective trigger to take action. As a result, a second SMS has been added to the rollout plan for future rollouts
  • Some students were unaware that two registration methods were required to complete registration. As a result, additional messages on this were added to the communications.
  • Given the success of the first rollout, the team felt comfortable increasing the number of students in the following rollout groups.

These learnings greatly benefited future rollout groups, which are proceeding successfully. We’ve also worked very closely with the Clemente team to support their students to register and receive the same cyber protections as other students.

New students

MFA was added to the onboarding process as a standard part of onboarding from mid-April. All new students will enter a registration period when their accounts are created. Instructions for registering have been added to the offer email and the onboarding workflow.

Project progress

63% of semester 1 students are already registered, representing 20% of our entire student population now fully protected by MFA. All current student accounts will be protected by September.

Thank you to everyone who has assisted us throughout the journey so far.

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