International Day of People with Disability

Each year on 3 December, we use this day to raise awareness about the challenges faced by persons with disabilities and promote their full and equal participation in all aspects of society.  

It is estimated that approximately 4.4 million Australians, almost 20 per cent of the population, are living with a disability.

International Day of People with Disability is a time to increase our understanding and make a personal contribution to ensuring our workplace and our community is inclusive, respectful and supports people with disabilities.

Disabilities can be visible, but others are not as apparent. A lack of awareness and understanding can make the workplace uncomfortable and unsafe for people with disabilities. Fear of judgement, stigma and even discrimination means that disabilities are not always disclosed and those in the workplace or community do not receive the support needed to thrive.

Your role in supporting people with disabilities

At ACU we are committed to providing an inclusive and respectful working and learning environment where people with disabilities feel welcome and supported to bring their whole selves to work.

Here is a few small actions you can take:

  • Be respectful and inclusive of all colleagues and students. Ensure your behaviour aligns with our Mission, values and Code of Conduct.
  • Educate yourselflearn more about how you can support people with disabilities in the workplace. There are links to resources on our Staff equity and diversity website. For information about supporting students, the Access and Disability Service webpage provides extensive information for staff members.
  • Read or listen to stories read and watch stories of those with lived experience of disability.
  • Attend a webinar The Diversity Council of Australia (DCA) is hosting a webinar “Is Your Workplace Inclusive of Invisible Disabilities?” on 6 December. ACU is a member of DCA and you can attend free of charge by clicking the ‘login’ tab > ‘get a login’ on their homepage and registering with your ACU email address.


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