Academic Board Digest

Chair of Academic Board’s update

Academic Board:

  • noted the Report of the Chair of Academic Board including:
    • the Chair’s attendance at the recent Co-CABS Forum where discussions were had on the Australian Universities Accord Interim Report as well as the shared compliance obligations of Australian Universities.
    • an increased focus on how Board deals with Academic Risk.
  • noted the Academic Board Membership: Staff and Student Elections.
  • noted the Review of Faculty Boards Update
  • noted the Chair of Academic Board Approvals.

Vice-Chancellor and President’s (VCP) update


The VCP reported on:

  • the release of the Australian Universities Accord Interim Report and the broader conversations that had commenced with other Vice-Chancellors regarding next steps. Discussion included an overview of the recommendations, the effect of Accord’s recommendation for further reliance on Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs) and funding of regional hubs.
  • International engagement, including the recent Association of Southeast and East Asian Catholic Colleges and Universities (ASEAACCU) conference held in Baguio City, Philippines. ACU would be hosting the event in Sydney in 2024 along with several other events including the Strategic Alliance of Catholic Research Universities (SACRU) and the gathering of Jesuit Universities and Colleges.
  • the Draft Academic Change Plan and his appreciation of the many constructive comments and feedback received since its release.
  • ACU’s commitment to research to better align research and research themes and the optimization of areas of strength.

Provost’s update


On behalf of the Interim Provost, the Interim Deputy Provost reported on:

  • the report’s Directorate focus area was the Centre for Education and Innovation (CEI).
  • the Draft Academic Change Plan.
  • the work of Professor Anthony Whitty and the CEI team on ACU Thrive.

    Academic Board:

  • noted the Office of the Provost’s Directorate Focus on CEI update, presented by Professor Anthony Whitty, Director, CEI.
  • noted and discussed the Research/Teaching Integration Project Update, presented by Interim Deputy Provost Professor Chris Lonsdale and Associate Professor Melissa Bellanta, Faculty of Education and Arts

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Enterprise (DVCRE) update

The DVCRE reported on:

  • changes to the Office of the DVCRE.
  • the Accord Report, noting the focus on early career research and transferable skills training.
  • the roll-out of the partnership model of research.
  • the recent release of Universities Australia Issues Brief relating to Business and Gross Expenditure on Research and Development 2021 – 2022.
  • the introduction of the Transparency Committee, tasked with oversight of our foreign interference processes.
  • the potential to embed Research Institutes within faculties as one of outcomes of the thematic review of Research Institutes.
  • the recent opening of the Human Metabolic Chamber at the Melbourne campus.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Ethics (DVCE) update

The DVCE reported on:

  • the recent change to his job title to Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Education. Professor Ramsay would continue with hospital, school, and corporate ethics work that occurred in the Ethics Portfolio and further advised that he was currently the Acting Director of the Ramsay Centre under the direction of Executive Dean FEA Professor Mary Ryan.
  • ACU Libraries exploring the utilisation of a service delivery model noting that changes may constitute a change plan. Janet Fletcher, Director Libraries noted that a change plan would not result in a reduction of staff and the aim of a new model was to have a more national approach to service delivery and to be pro-active in supporting the research activities of the university.

Vice-President’s update


The Vice-President reported on the success and celebration of ACU’s inaugural Mission Week.




Academic Board discussed and noted 2022 Academic Board Misconduct Report, presented by Senior Lecturer, Education Lead Academic Integrity Dr Genevieve Morris.


Academic Board discussed and noted Revised Global Resilience Plan 2023-2026, presented by Pro-Vice Chancellor, Global & Education Pathways (GEP) Chris Riley,.


Reporting Committees

1. Courses and Academic Quality Committee (CAQC)

       Academic Board:

  • noted the report of the Chair of the Courses and Academic Quality Committee, dated 4 September 2023.
  • approved the Major Course Change - Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Birth to Five) (Accelerated).
  • approved the Major Course Change - Foundation Studies Program.
  • approved the Major Course Change:
    • Bachelor of Youth Work.
    • Diploma in Youth Work.
  • approved the Course Review - Bachelor of Nutrition Science.
  • approved the Major Course Change:
    • Master of Clinical Nursing.
    • Graduate Diploma in Clinical Nursing.
    • Graduate Certificate in Clinical Nursing.
  • approved the Major Course Change - Graduate Certificate in High Performance Sport Leadership.
  • approved the Course Discontinuation - Graduate Certificate in Exercise and Cancer.
  • approved the Course Discontinuation - Bachelor of Sport and Outdoor Education.
  • approved the New Course Proposal - Master of Australian Migration Law and Practice.
  • approved the Major Course Change - Diploma in Criminology.
  • approved:
    1. the draft Course and Student Academic Monitoring Policy and Procedure, effective for 1 January 2024; and
    2. the recommendation to rescind the Academic Programs Offered Across Multiple Locations and or in Multiple Study Modes Policy and the Guideline for Course Monitoring Committees effective from 31 December 2023.
  • noted the course suspensions approved by the Provost since the previous Academic Board meeting on 12 July 2023.
  • noted the minutes.

2. Student Administrative Lifecycle and Policy Committee

Academic Board:

  • noted the report of the Chair, Student Administrative Lifecycle and Policy Committee dated 29 August 2023.
  • approved the amendments to the Recognition of Prior Learning Policy and Procedures with immediate effect.
  • noted the minutes.

3. University Learning and Teaching Committee (ULTC)

Academic Board:

  • noted the ULTC Chair’s Report
  • noted the minutes.

4. University Research Committee (URC)

Academic Board:

  • noted the minutes.

5. Faculty Boards

Academic Board: 

  • noted the minutes and updates.

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