Co-Lab Migrant Incubator Series

The Migrant Incubator Series, a collaborative effort between Catalysr X and ACU Co-Lab, has successfully empowered migrant and refugee future change-makers to navigate the intricacies of launching their startups in Australia. 

This eight-week intensive learning program was a testament to the power of partnership and expertise coming together to drive positive change. Led by industry experts and delivered in an interactive online format, the series provided invaluable insights into various aspects of entrepreneurship.

The combination of diverse sessions and delivery afforded aspiring entrepreneurs with a holistic education in entrepreneurship with topics ranging from idea conceptualisation to securing investment. Participants in the program were guided through:

  • understanding the Lean startup methodology
  • prototyping and user-testing
  • building a minimum viable product (MVP)
  • competitive analysis
  • team building
  • business models
  • storytelling and pitching
  • fundraising strategies. 

The success of the Migrant Incubator Series can be attributed to the exceptional expertise of the facilitators which included Usman Iftikhar, Sakshi Thakur, Alan Jones, and Daniel Veytsblit, all of whom brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to each workshop.

This, combined with the unwavering support of ACU Co-Lab, ensured that the workshop series was accessible to a wide variety of academics and entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey.

Their collective commitment to supporting and empowering migrant and refugee entrepreneurs was instrumental in equipping participants with the skills and confidence needed to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. 

With the added incentive of the Migrant Incubator Award, offering a $10,000 prize by ACU and six-month mentorship by Catalysr, this program not only educated but also incentivised participants to apply their newfound knowledge to real-world startup ideas.

The Migrant Incubator Series stands as a shining example of how collaboration and mentorship can foster innovation and create opportunities for underrepresented communities in the entrepreneurial landscape. The winner of the Migrant Award will be revealed next week.

Co-Lab has had much success in running these incubator series over the past few years. We value our participants' growth and development and aim to continue to run them fully subsidised.

The infographic depicted below showcases the success of our recent incubator series.

 Incubator infographic

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