Revamping workplaces for neurodiversity

In a bid to foster more inclusive workplaces, ACU Co-Lab is hosting a transformative virtual session centred around practises which affirm neurodiversity. 

The event aims to shed light on how businesses can create environments that empower neurodivergent individuals, including those with autism, ADHD or dyslexia, by dismantling the existing barriers that are primarily tailored for neurotypical individuals.

In adopting a neurodivergent lens, participants will gain valuable insights into recognising and eliminating obstacles within their workplaces, replacing them with a culture of inclusivity. The session promises to equip attendees with actionable strategies to cultivate practises that affirm neurodiversity within their own organisations.

Event details

Wednesday 15 November 12.30pm-1.30pm AEDT 

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Learning outcomes

  • Terminology mastery: Gain a comprehensive understanding of essential terms surrounding neurodiversity. 
  • The neurodiversity lens: Learn how to view your workplace from a neurodivergent perspective, leading to improved accessibility for neurodivergent individuals.
  • Strategic evaluation: Utilise a proven model to assess your business's strategic plan, identifying and rectifying any biases towards neurotypical individuals.
  • Immediate action steps: Generate practical steps that can be implemented today, steering your business towards becoming a neurodivergent affirming workplace.

Who should attend

This session is tailored for a wide audience, including small business owners, decision-makers, and anyone passionate about creating workplaces that thrive on diversity. Recognising that diversity cultivates stronger environments and more competitive workplaces, this event is designed for individuals eager to make a meaningful impact.

About the presenter

 Kathleen McCarthy

Kathleen McCarthy, the visionary force behind hey!DHD, is set to lead this enlightening session. With a deep understanding of neurodivergent experiences, Kathleen identifies as an autistic ADHD'er who embodies the concept of 'twice exceptional' and lives with spatial sequence synaesthesia. Her passion and expertise converge in her mission to support neurodivergent individuals, providing them with the tools they need for success in both learning and professional settings. Additionally, she partners with workplaces and schools to instil a culture of neurodivergent affirming practice, ensuring inclusivity becomes second nature.


Register now - don't miss this opportunity to revolutionise your workplace and embrace the power of neurodiversity.

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