Self-care and caring for others during change workshops

Change can be challenging but we're here to help. There are several workshops being held to support all staff and managers through the Enabling our Future change processes.

Self-Care Through Change

Audience: All staff

Facilitated by: Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Feeling uncertain, fatigued, stressed and burnt out are common and normal feelings when change is occurring. Self-care is an activity we can do both individually and collectively to support our ongoing wellbeing.

A great starting point is to be self-aware in relation to your levels of stress – identifying how much stress is helpful and energising and identifying when you might be heading into the burnout zone. With this awareness you can be proactive about your self-care.

This 60-minute virtual workshop explores a range of self-care strategies that are helpful for dealing with change and can also be applied in everyday life. There are a number of sessions you can choose to register for:

Wednesday 18 October 12-1pm (AEDT)

Wednesday 8 November 9.30-10.30am (AEDT)

Tuesday 28 November 11-12pm (AEDT)

Thursday 14 December 12-1pm (AEDT)

Lead Through Change

Audience: Managers/Supervisors

Facilitated by: Lee Hecht Harrison

This online, instructor-led workshop is designed to help people managers proactively lead teams through change. Research and experience tell us that people have a common transitional process that they go through in times of change. People leaders play an essential role in navigating individuals, teams, and as a result, organisations, through change.

By attending Lead Through Change, you will:

  • explore and define the role of a manager during change
  • identify the steps of the change curve and the appropriate leader actions at each stage of change
  • recognise a range of responses to change and learn strategies to support your team
  • apply practical skills to exhibit empathy while creating focus and positive momentum
  • discuss the impact of continuous change and apply strategies to support team members.

Wednesday 1 November 10-12pm (AEDT)


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