A new year, a new start

A message from Vice President Fr Anthony Casamento csma:

A new year. The fresh page of a new calendar. The annual opportunity to take stock, set some new goals and become the best version of yourself!

I so often enter the new year full of optimism as I plan to read all the books, declutter my rooms in the monastery where I live, pray and exercise more regularly. Sadly, after a few weeks of trying by this point in the new year my resolutions are often quietly abandoned.

Even so, there’s still something deeply appealing about the chance a new year offers to have a fresh start, perhaps not just for us individually, but also for our world.

A few years ago, Pope Benedict XVI gave a beautiful reflection in welcoming in the new year when he said:

“My wish is that the friendship of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, will accompany you each day of this new year. May friendship with Christ be our light and guide, helping us to be people of peace, of his peace.” (Pope Benedict, General Audience, 30 December 2009)

With this in mind, instead of trying to make lots of resolutions, perhaps for this year we can prioritise one important thing – like deepening our relationship with God - and allowing this to guide us in the year ahead. Research suggests that for resolutions to last, they need to specific and achievable.

So, whether you choose to make a resolution or not, I hope 2024 will be full of every joy and blessing for you and your loved ones.

Buon Anno!

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