Read and Publish agreement use in 2024

Researchers with publication plans are encouraged to review the available allocation within each capped Read and Publish agreement. Some of the agreements with major publishers have caps on annual usage.

ACU Library is a signatory to the Australia-wide agreement for Read and Publish Agreements, or Transformative Agreements, managed by the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL).

The agreements benefit Australian researchers nationally, enabling open access publishing through coverage of Article Processing Charges.

The Library provides a guide to the Read and Publish Agreements with information on the process for using these agreements in making your research publications open access and lists the publishers with whom ACU has made agreements.

For each agreement with a publisher there are lists of included and excluded journals and participating institutions. These can be viewed through the LibGuide’s links to “View the full list of titles”, which will direct users to up-to-date Airtable sheets.

ACU researchers with plans to use the Read and Publish Agreements in their publication strategies are encouraged to bookmark and review the guide.

Some of the agreements managed by CAUL with major publishers have caps on annual usage. As a national resource, ACU researchers’ access to the capped Read and Publish Agreements’ allotments for each publisher is shared with other researchers from peer institutions.

At the midway point for the year, we think it might benefit ACU researchers to review the available allocation within each capped Read and Publish Agreement.

Available allocation within each capped Read and Publish agreement

# Date Agreement Cap Cap (%)  Approved  Utilisation (%)  Forecast date cap exhausted Approved per day   Target approval rate  Approval rate to target (%)
1 31 May 2024 Elsevier 10440 80  3530  33.8  Not expected until 2025  23.38  28.52  82
2 31 May 2024 Oxford University Press 1101 89  425  38.6  Not expected until 2025  2.81  3.01  94
3 31 May 2024 Springer Nature 3511 85  1882  53.6 8 October 2024   12.46  9.59  130
4 31 May 2024 Taylor & Francis 3850 75  1868  48.5  7 November 2024  12.37  10.52  118
5 31 May 2024 Wiley 6900 103  3660  53.0  11 October 2024  24.24  18.30  132

Table source: Reports - Read and Publish Agreements Negotiated by CAUL. CAUL maintains this guide closely and keeps the usage numbers updated regularly.

Researchers with publication plans that include Elsevier or Oxford University Press should feel relatively assured that the caps will remain open for their manuscripts through the second half of 2024.

Those with plans for Springer Nature, Taylor & Francis, and Wiley journals that rely on the Read and Publish agreements costs covering are advised to review their submission dates and watch the guide’s ‘Capped agreement approval statistics’ as these allocations are on track to be exhausted by early November.

Please reach out to the ACU Library team with any publishing questions, especially if you are uncertain in your manuscript submissions. We can make sure that you have selected journals that are part of ACU’s Read and Publish Agreements and avoid APC invoices from those that are not.

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