Introducing SAMMS

ACU has a new process for submitting cases of academic misconduct.

From Monday 8 April, the Student Academic Misconduct Management System (SAMMS) will be the new platform for lodging potential academic misconduct cases. 

What is SAMMS?

SAMMS is a purpose-built platform that will streamline the process of submitting and processing cases of suspected academic misconduct. Lecturers in Charge (LICs) are responsible for lodging academic misconduct cases through SAMMS. Once submitted, the case will be assigned to an Academic Integrity Officer (AIO) for investigation. 

The system aims to improve the efficiency of the process for staff and student stakeholders and better facilitate the monitoring of open cases. SAMMS will send email notifications at stages of the process and allow staff to keep track of their cases in the platform. 

How do I access SAMMS?

Access to the platform will be available via Academic Integrity from Monday 8 April

What evidence do I need to submit?

Providing high-quality information when lodging a case assists the AIO to understand the reasons for your concerns. Cases that do not provide adequate evidence may be returned for clarification or may be dismissed by the AIO.

Staff can access further guidance on best practice evidence

Lodging misconduct cases for suspected AI use

If Turnitin flags a student’s work as being generated by artificial intelligence (AI), staff must look for other features that may indicate AI has been used.

Other indicators of AI use may include references that are false or are not relevant to where they are cited; or the student not addressing the assessment question. For more information about features to look for when investigating AI-generated material, download the Turnitin AI checklist.

Extreme caution should be used when the AI percentage indicator is less than 20%, and cases should only be referred where there is very strong independent evidence that the work is not the student’s own. No cases referred for AI use will be accepted if the only indication is that it has been flagged by Turnitin.

For detailed information regarding academic misconduct, please refer to the Student Academic Integrity and Misconduct Policy and Procedure. 


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