Respect@Uni Week

Universities nationwide are coming together for Respect@Uni Week 18-22 March to highlight the importance of respect, equality, and inclusion in our campus communities and online spaces.

ACU is committed to creating safe environments free from violence. Each of us plays a vital role in preventing and addressing issues like sexual harassment and assault. This year, ACU is coordinating a university-wide event for both staff and students.

This Respect@Uni week, the Safeguarding and Student Safety team have crafted five days of intriguing, thought-provoking, and engaging interactions and events. These will showcase what we're doing to champion respect, inclusion, and equality across our diverse staff and student community.

What's happening

Sip the Tea | RESPECT: Join us on your local campus for stimulating discussions, collect a keep cup or donut, and kick off conversations about respect and safety. Discover more about ACU's support and reporting services.

  • Ballarat: Wednesday 20 March 12pm - 1pm (Forbes Centre)
  • Blacktown: Thursday 21 March 9.30am - 12pm (Ground Floor, Blacktown)
  • Brisbane: Wednesday 20 March 10am - 12pm (Main Lawn)
  • Canberra: Wednesday 20 March 12pm - 1.30pm (Blackfriars Garden)
  • Melbourne: Tuesday 19 March 9.30am - 11.45am (Ground Floor of 420)
  • North Sydney: Tuesday 19 March 10am - 12pm (James Carroll Courtyard)
  • Strathfield: Tuesday 19 March 10am - 12pm (Quad)

Respect @ Uni Week pop-up area: Explore our interactive space on each campus throughout the week featuring engagement and pledge walls and take the opportunity to meet your local Safety Support Officers.

Self-care yoga: Take a breather with our rejuvenating yoga sessions live on the North Sydney Campus (Monday and Thursday), Melbourne Campus (Tuesday and Wednesday evening), and streamed live at The Track on all campuses and online.

Daily mindfulness sessions: Nurture your mental well-being with online daily meditation sessions kicking off at 1.40pm - 2pm (AEDT).

Lunch and Learn training: Explore Bystander Awareness Training and learn how you can actively contribute to fostering a safer environment.

Register now

For more information on what's happening and to register for the events above please visit Respect@Uni.

Let's band together to make Respect @ Uni Week 2024 a roaring success. Your involvement is key as we collaborate to foster a culture of respect and safety on our campuses.

See you there!

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