Academic Board Digest

A summary of the Academic Board meeting held on 10 April 2024 is detailed below.

Membership changes

Academic Board noted the external membership change.

Chair of Academic Board’s update

Academic Board:

  • noted the Election of Deputy Chair of Academic Board
  • noted the mapping exercise designed to assess the security of assessment against academic misconduct using Generative AI in relation to ACU’s curriculum
  • noted and provided advice on the proposed revised structure for the Committees of Academic Board
  • endorsed the amendment of Statute 2.5 The Academic Board, to be referred to Senate for approval via the Senate Standing Committee
  • noted the Chair of Academic Board Approvals.

Vice-Chancellor and President’s (VCP) update

The VCP reported on:

  • the recent delegation to Nepal and India noting that the visit was one of importance to ACU. Nepal is currently the largest supplier of International students at the university
  • India was the fastest growing International student cohort in Australia and noted the growth of their own higher education market
  • the delegation met with several institutions in India that ACU is already engaged with as well as others where there was potential for future collaboration. They also met with important stakeholders from industry, and delegates from the Australian state and federal government
  • the Australian Universities Accord final report recommendations and noted:
    • the report was equity focused and raised both interesting and challenging questions for the sector
    • the establishment of a Higher Education Future Fund with matching contributions from public universities and the commonwealth and debate in the sector around this proposal
    • the establishment of the Australian Tertiary Education Commission (ATEC). ATEC would absorb the Australian Research Council (ARC) and the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) while retaining their independent statutory status and include First Nations, Equity, and Regional Education Commissioners.

Academic Board noted the Renewal of Registration: Q1 Progress Update as provided by Professor Tim McKenry, Institutional Lead.

Provost’s update

The Deputy Provost reported on:

  • enrolments and EFTSL had increased on 2023 levels advising while initial targets were ambitious, the university looked set to achieve them
  • the increase to international student numbers and provided an overview of the countries with the highest enrolment numbers at ACU. Professor Cogin advised that there were dedicated strategies in play to support international students in light of the increase in numbers
  • commencement versus continuing student load numbers were satisfactory. Professor Cogin noted that continuing student load numbers were strong as noted in the Vice-Chancellor’s Report
  • the pipeline of new courses as a part of the ongoing revitalisation in this space. Many of the courses were in the early stages of conceptualisation and depending on consultation and feedback those that are developed will be presented to future meetings of the Academic Board.

Academic Board:

  • noted the Report of the Provost
  • noted and discussed the 2023 QILT GOS-L Report.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Education (DVCE) update

The DVCE reported on:

  • discussion had commenced between him, Professor Anthony Whitty and Professor Julie Cogin with regard to the relationship between the new Education Portfolio and the Academic Portfolio.
  • the report from the Support for Students Policy working groups and been received and noted his interest in the response from the course coordinators.
  • the appointment of Kelly Humphrey as ACU’s inaugural Pro Vice- Chancellor, Indigenous.

Academic Board noted the Report of the DVCE.

Vice-President update

Academic Board noted the Report of the VP including updates on:

  • Ex Corde Middle Leaders’ Mission Retreat
  • 2024 Dante Alighieri Symposium
  • Faculty of Law and Business Learning and Teaching Staff Formation Activity
  • ACU Centre for Liturgy
  • Mission and Ministry.


Academic Board noted and provided advice on the Implementation of the Student and Cohort Monitoring Policy and Procedure.

Reporting Committees

1. Courses and Academic Quality Committee (CAQC)
Academic Board:

  • noted the report of the Chair of the Courses and Academic Quality Committee, dated 5 February 2024
  • noted the Stage 1 Course Review Report for the review of the Bachelor of Biomedical Science and associated double degrees
  • approved the proposed amendments to the Terms of Reference of the Courses and Academic Quality Committee with immediate effect
  • noted the course suspensions approved by the Provos
  • noted the minutes.

2. Student Administrative Lifecycle and Policy Committee
Academic Board:

  • noted report of the Chair, Student Administrative Lifecycle and Policy Committee dated 27 March 2024
  • approved amendments to the Common Academic Calendar Policy and Procedures with immediate effect
  • noted the Domestic Admissions Report Semester 1 intake 2024
  • noted the 2023 Student Complaints Report
  • noted the 2023 Appeals Report
  • noted the 2023 Student Conduct Report (including Fraudulent Information)
  • noted the International Admissions Report dated March 2024
  • noted the minutes.

3. Internationalisation Committee (IC)
Academic Board:

  • approved the Internationalisation Committee’s Terms of Reference

4. University Learning and Teaching Committee (ULTC)
Academic Board:

  • noted the minutes.

5. University Research Committee (URC)
Academic Board:

  • approved, with immediate effect, the proposed amendments to the:
    • Higher Degree Research (HDR) Policy
    • Research Training Program Scholarship Policy
    • Curriculum Resource: Mapping Learning across the Curriculum (Graduate attributes and Mission Section).
  • approved the proposed amendments to the Terms of Reference for the University Research Committee with immediate effect incorporating amendments to the membership as discussed
  • noted the minutes.

6. Faculty Boards
Academic Board:

  • noted the minutes and updates.

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