Research Essentials – Get Read

You hit a paywall to access a journal article; the link to a report results in a 404; a researcher trying to access your research hits a paywall and cannot read (or cite) your paper. Access to research is a problem, for practitioners, policymakers, and researchers at institutions with restricted budgets for subscription services. How can you ensure your research still gets read?

ACU Library’s Research Engagement team is running their Research Essentials skills sessions again in 2024. Researchers are encouraged to keep an eye on the Library training and events webpage and sign up to any and all sessions of interest.

The next session is for the Researchers’ Publications stream: Open Access Publishing. The Open Access session sits among four Researcher Publications sessions: ‘Get Noticed’, ‘Get Published’, ‘Get Read’, and ‘Get Attention’.

There are still spaces available for ‘Research Essentials: Get Read - Open Access for your research’

This session will explore:

  • the benefits of open access publishing
  • three options for OA publishing for ACU researchers
  • ACU’s Read and Publish Agreements (without paying a fee)
  • using ACU’s institutional repository, Research Bank
  • publishing using a CC licence
  • understanding article versions you can legitimately share
  • journal publishers’ policies on OA.

Register to attend the online Microsoft Teams session at 11am on May 9

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