About the Session

Do you want to deliver better services to your customers while spending less time doing things that don't matter? Of course, you do! To save time, we need to understand our work and how we can improve it. Business process management can help us by clarifying who does what, how to do it, and why it matters, all while improving customer experience, increasing efficiency, and improving quality and consistency of service.

You will find business process management useful if you are working with lengthy manuals or cumbersome Visio diagrams that can often be difficult to navigate for clear instruction or may appear overly technical.

This training is suitable for anyone responsible for the following:

  • The day-to-day management of processes, known as "process owners" (usually managers, supervisors, team leaders, etc.)
  • The day-to-day delivery of processes, known as "process experts" (usually a staff member in a team who routinely performs the process)
  • Departmental process improvement or business analysis

NOTE: Training is split 2x 1.5 hour sessions held two weeks apart with activities to complete in between.

Out-of-session activities include (Completion required before part 2):

  • Identify and collaborate with colleagues to collate the process steps
  • Complete 3 hours of online training via Nintex University.

Learning Outcomes

Part 1 - 11 July 2024

  • Why is process documenting important?
  • How BPM supports ACU's strategic plan and objectives
  • Understand the principles for documenting a process. (e.g. Boundaries of the process, triggers, inputs and outputs)
  • How to identify and scope processes
  • Understand why collaboration is key.

Part 2 - 23 July 2024

  • Learn how ACU's business process management model is applied
  • Understand our roles and responsibilities for process documentation.
  • Document your first process in Process Manager

Who is this session for?

All Staff


ACU Service Improvement Business Partners


11 July & 23 July 2024


10:30am to 12 noon both days

Delivery Mode

Virtual via Webinar

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