Early look at new website design

Image of ACU website with new design.

Get an early look at the visual design for our new public website at a video conference session on 26 September.

Work on our new public website has now progressed to the build stage and the Public Website Project team will be revealing the visual design at this month’s video conference session.

Over the past few months Senior Project Manager Lucy Hellard has been providing regular updates about the project in a series of video conference sessions.

If you’ve missed any of the previous sessions, covering the website discovery and definition phase, solution phase and solution activities phase, you can view the video conference recordings and Powerpoint presentations.

This month, the video conference session will also cover another key digital project – the Student Portal, which was launched in December last year.

Senior Project Manager Rich Powell will provide an overview of the next phase of the Student Portal project and the course management project, which are currently underway.

Session details:

When: Tuesday 26 September, 2pm – 3pm


  • Brisbane: 212.1.19
  • Melbourne: 462.2.11
  • Sydney: 529.5.09
  • Ballarat: 100.1.04
  • Canberra: 302.2.13
  • Strathfield: 640.1.16

Polycom number: 6108358

To register to attend please email Project Officer Binu Pillai - Binu.Pillai@acu.edu.au

The Public Website Project aims to improve the public's online experience with ACU’s primary website, by providing a simple and intuitive website that allows users to navigate and find information easily. It also provides an opportunity to implement ACU’s new brand strategy and visual identity.

You can find out more about the project and details of all future video conference sessions on the Public Website Project web page.

For more information please contact Senior Project Manager Lucy Hellard at lucy.hellard@acu.edu.au or Ext. 8358.

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