Marks, grades, and results processes for 2018

Academic Grades and Marks, 2018

In Summer 2018 (201805), ACU introduced the provision of numerical marks alongside grades for all units except Pass/Fail units.

Academic staff are now required to submit whole marks as well as grades for all students in 2018 graded units.

Notification to students of final marks and grades for all graded units will occur via email, Student Connect and the Student Portal.

The three new grades to be aware of are:

  • NU – Fail Ungraded
  • NH – Fail Hurdle
  • IP – Incomplete Practicum

To view a complete list of all 2018 grades and their associated marks follow this link: 2018 Academic Regulations 9. Results.

To view the descriptors of the overall level of achievement associated with the 2018 academic grades follow this link:  Assessment Policy 13. University Grade Descriptors.

Submitting Results

Each study period, student results must be uploaded to the student management system via the Results Entry module on Student Connect. A link to a detailed user guide can be found on the ‘Getting Started’ tab.

For more information on current results processes, see Student Results Procedures.

Incomplete Results

IP -

For professional experience units with a practicum component, a grade of IP should be entered (the mark should be blank).

CU -

For research units that extend across more than one study period to indicate that the assessment is not yet complete, a grade of CU should be entered (the mark should be blank).

Blank results -

Where a final result has not been awarded for a unit at the end of the study period, the grade and mark should remain blank. Updating a blank result to a final result occurs via Student Connect up to twelve (12) months after the end of the study period.

If no final result has been awarded within twelve (12) months of the end of the study period, the blank grade will be converted to NN (Fail) with a mark of zero.

Finalising Interim and Incomplete Results

Schools and Faculties now have the ability to update the following interim grades via Results Entry on Student Connect, without the need for submission of a formal Change of Grade request:

  • CU
  • DE
  • NF
  • IP
  • blank grades

If Interim or Incomplete Results are not finalised by the appropriate deadline, they will be converted to a fail.  For more information see Student Results Procedures 7. Conversion of Interim Grades.

Need more information?

For more information on Results and Grades, including key dates for results submission and release, visits the Results webpage or email the Examinations and Results team:

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