Cyber security – it’s everyone’s responsibility

Earlier this year, a targeted cyber-attack on ACU resulted in a data breach. The attack was initiated via a ‘phishing’ email – an email pretending to be from ACU that tricked users into clicking on a link leading to a fake ACU login page. This resulted in some ACU accounts and systems being compromised.

Whilst the situation was deeply regrettable, the incident highlighted the importance of strengthening the cyber security technology we have in place – as well as the supporting processes and staff education needed to reduce risk. To address this, a cyber security program is now being chaired by the Chief Operating Officer and driven by the IT Directorate.

According to the Director of Information Technology, Niranjan Prabhu, implementing a mix of technology improvements and raising the cyber security awareness of staff is the key to keeping our staff and students protected.

“As cyber security protection evolves, so do the methods of attack.  Although firewalls and anti-virus software play an important preventative role, educating staff to know the signs and be on the look out to detect possible threats is critical.  Everyone needs to take responsibility for their safety – that’s why staff training is a focus of our cyber security program,” Mr Prabhu said.

What’s been delivered or currently underway?

The cyber security program includes a number of important deliverables, including new cyber security training modules, robust anti-virus software, and easier reporting of malicious emails.

Find out more on the Cyber Security SharePoint site.

What can you do to stay safe?

  1. Store your passwords securely.
  2. Avoid opening links or attachments from unknown senders via email or social media.
  3. Use different credentials for your ACU and non-ACU-related accounts.
  4. Join the ACU Cyber Security Workplace Group to stay up-to-date on cyber security-related information at ACU.

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