Guidelines for Staff Bulletin are now available

Guidelines for Staff Bulletin are now available to help you understand what kind of content should be submitted for the weekly Staff Bulletin.

The new guidelines are part of our broader approach to improving and streamlining staff communications across ACU and take effect from 4 March.

New Staff Bulletin guidelines

Under the new guidelines, content submitted for the Staff Bulletin should be:

  • Broadly relevant: Staff Bulletin content must be relevant to staff across ACU campuses
  • Newsworthy: Content included in the Staff Bulletin should be newsworthy and aim to communicate a specific piece of new information, key milestone, event or activity to staff.
  • New: The same Staff Bulletin article will not be repeated in multiple editions. You may submit an article on the same topic more than once, however additional articles must be written from a new angle.
  • Timely: Staff Bulletin content is more likely to be read if it is timely. When submitting a post-event or initiative story please aim to submit it within a week of the event or initiative.

Please note that a maximum of 12 feature articles (articles accompanied by an image) will be included in each Staff Bulletin.

Get in touch early

To ensure your important, time-dependent articles can be scheduled for timely publication in the Staff Bulletin, it’s important to provide as much advance notice as possible to the Internal Communications team. Please use the Staff Communications Service Central form to notify the team of upcoming communications or to request planning assistance or advice.

You can read the full Staff Bulletin guidelines on the staff website.

If you have any questions or feedback about the guidelines please contact the Internal Communications team via email.

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