Online reading lists made easy with Leganto

Leganto makes it simple to manage your reading lists online. Seamlessly integrated with LEO, Leganto offers many benefits to teaching staff.

I’ve found Leganto to be a definite step forward in streamlining the process of making reading materials available to students via LEO.”

Dr Richard Colledge, Associate Dean of Theology and Philosophy (Learning and Teaching).

Why Leganto?

Create, maintain, evaluate and share unit reading lists easily with Leganto, the Library’s online reading list tool. Leganto was rolled out across the University to all faculties in 2019, replacing Equella-CAL as ACU’s online readings and copyright management tool.

Online reading lists made easy

Seamlessly integrating with LEO, Leganto offers many benefits to teaching staff. You can:

  • create structured, annotated readings lists that include all types of materials
  • allow selected collaborators (ACU staff) to help edit/manage lists
  • use analytics and reports to gain insight into usage of materials
  • roll over reading lists and keep them up to date.

Leganto also provides your students with access to their readings on any device, making it easier for them to study anytime, anywhere.

Using Leganto

Leganto simplifies the online readings workflow. It’s an easy process to follow for any staff involved in creating and managing online reading lists.

Our online Leganto reading list guide contains all the information you need to know.

To create a reading list in Leganto:

  • add a link to Leganto in LEO
  • create a new reading list using the Create it Wizard
  • add your readings
  • add public notes and tags
  • send your list to the Library at the press of a button
  • publish your reading list so your students can access it.

To ensure compliance with copyright law all teaching staff are required to use the Leganto system for third-party copyright works used under the Copyright Agency (CA) licence.

If you’re already using Leganto there are no changes: simply roll over your reading list or create new list for 2020.

Help and support

If you have questions, get in touch with your Senior Librarian. For more information and updates, visit the Library Updates Workplace page.



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