Caring for yourself during the COVID-19 pandemic

We are currently living through an extremely challenging time and anxiety or stress are more present in our daily life.

It’s important to remember that feeling anxious, fearful, stressed, angry or irritable are common and normal feelings during uncertain times. However, there are self-care strategies you may find useful.

Caring for yourself and managing stress

ACU’S Employee Assistance Program provider, Access EAP, suggests the following strategies:

  1. Focus on consistently implementing personal hygiene habits such as proper handwashing, as this is a proven way to minimise your exposure to the virus.

  2. Get the facts from reputable sources such as the World Health Organisation and Australian Government websites. Consider minimising your exposure to media coverage by limiting time spent online.

  3. Focus on the people around you, such as family, children, friends and colleagues. Keep in contact and connected.

  4. Take breaks to enjoy physical activities – go for a walk, spend time in the garden, clean your house, practice yoga, or take up a new hobby.


  5. Eat healthy food and drink water regularly.


  6. Make time to do things that you find relaxing – deep breathing, meditation, mindfulness, reading, stretching, watching a movie or calling a friend.


  7. Talk about how you are feeling with loved ones and friends – don’t bottle up your anxieties.


  8. Talk with friends and families about other topics, not just COVID-19.


  9. Find ways to help others.

Support for staff

Access EAP

If you need support, you can access counselling services through Access EAP.

ACU staff and their immediate family members can access up to three one-hour sessions of free, confidential counselling per calendar year.

All information you disclose to an EAP practitioner is confidential. EAP practitioners are independent to the university and are focused on supporting your health and wellbeing.

EAP appointments can be made by calling AccessEAP on 1800 818 728. Please note that EAP support services are currently available via phone, online and video-conference only.

Campus Ministry – here for you now more than ever

Campus Ministry will continue to provide support for the ACU community, whether it be in person or online.

Over the coming days and weeks Campus Ministry will be:

  • connecting with staff who are working on campus and remotely
  • arranging online morning and afternoon teas
  • providing online social outreach opportunities
  • promoting random act of kindness on campus and remotely
  • providing ways to engage online with Catholic mass and prayer opportunities
  • providing a listening ear whenever needed
  • providing referrals an ACU chaplain
  • providing referrals to other support pathways.

Read more about Campus Ministry’s response to COVID-19.

Contact your local Campus Ministry team member or chaplain.

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