Important changes to class selection in Semester 2

As part of the Class Selection and Timetabling (CST) project, ACU will be moving from 'first in, first served' to preferential class selection from Semester 2 2020.

Preferential class selection presents students with the opportunity to inform the university of their preferred timetable, within the choices available.

  1. Students submit their class preferences for Semester 2 via Allocate+ (1–15 June*)
  2. Allocate+ is closed and students are allocated to classes according to their preferences (15–19 June)
  3. Class allocations are published to students (22 June*).Students will be able to move to classes that have vacancies or request an Allocate+ swap.

*opening and publication dates will be staggered by campus to manage enquiries and load.

Why are we moving to preferential class selection?

Preferential class selection removes the need for students to log in at a specified time, and thus: 

  • reduces the anxiety that students currently experience as they prepare to log in
  • reduces the disadvantage currently experienced by students with work, family, placement or other commitments
  • spreads the load on IT systems and AskACU.

Preferential class selection provides schools with valuable data about students' preferred classes. This allows schools to be more responsive to demand for class times.

Next steps

The CST Project Team will meet with schools and other organisational units in April. Staff training will be available from May.

The CST Project Team will be rolling out a comprehensive communications strategy for students from early April.  A video demonstrating how preferences work, and a series of FAQs will be made available shortly.

To stay informed of progress on this project, please join the CST Project workplace group.   

If you have any questions, feel free to email the Project Team at


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