Hopeful Research Dialogues continue

At the first Hopeful Research Dialogues conversation, ACU students had their turn at expressing their hopes for the future of the Church, for themselves and for children. An expert panel of ACU academics will now respond.

September 8, Child Protection Week, 1-2pm

Students will lead the conversation on the challenging topics of better ways of communicating, engaging women in positions of leadership, and relating to people with disability.

Drawing on their expertise in theology, psychology, safeguarding of children and education, the expert panel is comprised of:

  • Director of ACU Canon Law Centre, Professor Michele Riondino on the rights of the child: “Three words are key: trust, protection and willingness. These are fundamental in guaranteeing the solid development and construction of every child’s destiny not only as a human being, but as a responsible citizen able to meet the diverse and demanding challenges of life.” 
  • Psychologist and Director of ACU Institute for Child Protection Studies, Professor Daryl Higgins on creating safety for young people: “To ensure the mistakes – and the trauma – of the past are not repeated, organisations that serve young people must undergo a cultural change to value children, and to listen to and respond to their views about safety and wellbeing.” 
  • Theologian, Psychologist, and Academic Coordinator of ACU Catholic Programs, Associate Professor Rev Jamie Calder SJ on being a christian: “If you wish to practise your christianity, first practise your humanity. If you want to be a christian, be a human first. The two go hand in hand.”
  • Theologian, ACU Canberra Campus Dean, Associate Professor Patrick McArdle on inclusivity: “A practical theology of personhood may enable the Church and society to more positively celebrate the diversity of the human condition rather than pay it lip service.” 
  • Theologian, ACU North Sydney Pastoral Associate for Staff, Dr Cristina Lledo Gomez on an adult Church: “We can envisage a different future if young people are equipped with tools to engage with one another and with Church teaching and practice that enrich their adult faith and adult relationships. This future would embrace transparency, accountability, healthy relationships, and boundaries. These are the signs of an adult Church.” 
  • Educator, Knowledge Translation Manager, Institute of Child Protection Studies, Dr Sheridan Kerr on improving institutional processes: “The establishment of shared practices, shared discourse and shared artefacts are a vital step within institutional improvement processes, overcoming the pervasive constraint of individualisation.” 

To learn more, download the invitation.

Register for this event by emailing Sheridan Kerr.

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