Kaltura to be discontinued

ACU has consolidated streaming video for LEO into Echo360 and will be discontinuing Kaltura on 30 September 2021. LEO users will still be able to view and download Kaltura videos until this time. When the system is discontinued, all existing Kaltura media will become inaccessible.

For more information about the transition, please see LEO Guides: Transitioning from Kaltura to Echo 360.

What will staff need to do now?

Lecturers-in-charge should replace Kaltura videos in their units with the Echo360 version as soon as possible.

Kaltura videos have been migrated to Echo360 and you can find them in your Echo360 content library. If one or more of your videos were not migrated, you may:

  • download your Kaltura videos from LEO
  • upload these videos to Echo360
  • replace Kaltura videos in your LEO units with the Echo360 versions.

For detailed instructions on replacing Kaltura media with Echo360 media, please see LEO Guides: Replacing Kaltura with Echo360.

For further information or assistance, please email eLearning@acu.edu.au.

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