Academic Board Digest - 12 May 2021

Academic Board Digest for the meeting of 12 May 2021


The following membership changes were noted:

  • the appointment of Professor Suzanne Chambers as new Executive Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, and ex-Officio Academic Board member
  • the appointment of Professor Elise Martinez-Maroquin, Chair of Academic Board at the University of Canberra, as the new External Member of Academic Board.
Report from the Chair of Academic Board

The Chair reported:

  • that he was pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Elise Martinez Maroquin, Chair of Academic Board at the University of Canberra, as the new External Member of Academic Board.

Academic Board:

  • provided advice on the proposed revisions to Statute 2.5: The Academic Board
  • provided advice on next steps in the course-related policy revision and consolidation process.
Vice-Chancellor and President’s update

The Vice-Chancellor:

  • thanked all staff who attended events associated with his welcoming as Vice-Chancellor on various campuses
  • reported that the recruitment of a new Chancellor is underway, with interviews for the position to begin shortly
  • attending his first Annual General Meeting as Vice-Chancellor, he is pleased to report that both the Senate and Company members have agreed to a review of the constitution; members were interested in ACU’s financial situation and about the forthcoming return of international students
  • offered his congratulations to a number of staff members who have recently become members of the Higher Education Academy
  • reported that, with the forthcoming retirement of the current Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), the position, currently advertised, will be retitled Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Enterprise)
  • looks forward to welcoming the new Executive Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Professor Suzanne Chambers
  • was pleased to acknowledge that Senate had approved the award of Honorary Doctor of Laws to ex-Vice-Chancellor Professor Greg Craven
  • reported that Australian universities, including ACU, have been actively engaged in lobbying for the return of international students
  • recently had a meeting with colleagues from Western Sydney, which brought together industry partners and colleagues from Blacktown Campus; although the conversation was introductory, the Vice-Chancellor expects that Blacktown will attract considerable planning and investment in infrastructure.
Office of the Provost

The Provost:

  • is looking forward to welcoming the new Executive Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Professor Chambers
  • acknowledged Professor Justin Kemp’s contribution while the Interim Executive Dean
  • reported that recruitment is progressing for the new Executive Dean of the Faculty of Education and Arts
  • welcomed the new Dean, Innovation and Industry Engagement, Professor Myriam Amielh
  • has been working on matters related to ACU’s student profile, for instance, targets for equity, and on matters related to student satisfaction and the campus experience
  • updated Academic Board on the recent decision taken not to partner with an external Online Program Manager for delivery of ACU’s programs developed to be delivered fully online. The Provost assured members that the work undertaken to date will be built upon to create a solid foundation for future development, for instance, in developing internal capacity to further ACU’s plans for online offerings.
Student Administrative Lifecycle and Policy Committee

Academic Board:

  1. approved the amendments to the Academic Documents Policy and Procedures
  2. noted the proposed approach to the review and potential course completion and conferral of Inactive/Withdrawn students who meet the credit point requirements of their degree, but who have not been conferred.
Courses and Academic Quality Committee

Academic Board recommended the following new courses to Senate for approval:

  • Graduate Diploma in Design and Technologies Education Master of Digital Health
  • Graduate Certificate in Aged Care Management (Job Ready Program)
  • Diploma in Exercise Science
  • Graduate Certificate in Culinary Nutrition Science
  • Master of Dietetic Practice
  • Master of Sports and Exercise Physiotherapy, and exit awards
  • Master of Sports and Exercise Physiotherapy/Master of High Performance Sport
  • Diploma in Biomedical Science
  • Diploma in Nutrition Science
  • Diploma in Business
  • Diploma in Information Technology

Academic Board approved the following major course changes:

  • Graduate Certificate in Higher Education
  • Bachelor of Arts – Politics and International Relations

Academic Board approved the following Discipline review:

  • Bachelor of Arts Technology sequence
Office of Planning and Strategic Management (OPSM)

Academic Board noted:

  • the Student Experience and Outcomes Report – Stakeholder Feedback
  • a briefing document on Renewal of Registration Standards of Evidence
  • the PwC Internal Audit Work Program (the PwC IA Schedule) for 2021
  • the Student Enrolment and Load Report.

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