Making it simpler to call ACU

Contacting ACU by telephone will soon become simpler, with 1300 ASK ACU (275 228) being adopted as the single, public-facing telephone contact number for the university.

From 7 July 2021, this is the only number students, staff and members of the public will need to remember for all enquiries, from enrolments advice and technology support to general enquiries about where to park your bike on campus.

Calls to Campus Concierge numbers will be automatically re-directed to 1300 ASK ACU (275 228) from this date. These new telephony arrangements are part of a project to improve the experience of contacting the university.

Why are we changing?

ACU receives more than 200,000 calls each year, and telephone is still the most-used contact channel. If you Google ‘contact ACU’, depending on your location, your search will return a wide range of phone numbers. ACU currently has multiple public-facing phone numbers, not all ACU business units provide contact numbers, and some are not adequately resourced to managed calls, which may provide a poor service experience.

The broader project will:

  • Simplify contacting ACU by telephone. All callers can call 1300 ASK ACU (275 228).
  • Deliver a consistent service experience. Calls to the 1300 ASK ACU (275 228) number will be serviced by experienced teams from AskACU (for student enquiries), Future Students (for prospective student enquiries), and Service Central (for staff and public general enquiries). These teams will be using a single-call management solution to ensure call times are minimised and directed to the right areas.
  • Save costs for callers. By calling 1300 ASK ACU (275 228) from most land and mobile lines, callers will only pay for a local call. Depending on a caller’s location, they could be paying for an interstate call when dialling an ACU number directly.
What does this change mean for staff?

If you are a staff member calling from an internal phone or via MS Teams, you can still:

  • contact AskACU directly via extension 8282 – this is the dedicated priority line for staff to contact AskACU for student-related enquiries
  • contact Service Central directly via extension 7272 for service enquiries and requests
  • contact Campus Security via extension 8888 or 1300 729 452, or use the SafeZone app to contact the National Security Centre directly (note that, in a life-threatening situation, every second counts – so call 000)

For ACU staff contact details, you can browse the ACU Staff Directory.

More information

You can send any questions about the project and why we’re changing our approach to phone call management to the Service Improvement Team at

Further information about key drivers and benefits of these changes can be accessed via: AskACU, Concierge, Service Central – Draft Change Plans.

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