Update on changes to recruitment

The ACU-wide change to the recruitment process that moves from PageUp to Staff Connect is progressing

The paper-based Position Classification Review (PCR) form is now available in Staff Connect. The Position Review form supports the review of a current Position Description (PD), which is normally the first step in the recruitment process. The Position Review form can also be used for professional staff PD’s that requires classification, and developing and updating academic staff PDs.

Changes for supervisors

Prior to recruitment, a PD should be reviewed to ensure it is up to date, reflects the requirements of the position and assists potential candidate to understand the position that is available. If the PD requires updating, it is to be completed via the Position Review form in Staff Connect.

The Position Review will allow existing PD’s to be updated, and if relevant, progress to classification (professional staff positions only).

The PD will be available online and link directly to a position created in the university’s HR system, Aurion. This stored information will then pre-populate into any future recruitment for the position.

To develop a PD for a new position please see the relevant Service Central FAQ.

Further information and support

This is the first phase of the broader recruitment rollout. Further information regarding the Staff Connect recruitment process rollout will be shared over the coming weeks. There will be a period of transition from PageUp to Staff Connect.

The Position Review form in Staff Connect will be supported by ongoing updates, Knowledgebase Articles and FAQs in Service Central, updated policies and procedures. Position Review form User Guides are available on the Staff Connect Support page and Instructional videos will be progressively available over the coming weeks.

The best way to keep informed is by joining the Workplace groups Staff Connect Updates and Human Resources Updates.

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