Book travel on FCM Hub and Savi

Booking business travel at ACU will become more efficient and streamlined thanks to an innovation by the Finance team and FCM, formerly Campus Travel.

Travel Hub has been replaced with FCM Hub and you can now book your travel via Savi – FCM’s new and exclusive online booking tool. Savi supplants ACU’s previous Serko booking system. You can also book through the FCM Travel Platform app, which replaces both the Campus Travel and SAM apps.

Features in the new FCM Hub remain the same as the Travel Hub interface, but the experience is bright and seamless.

Savi is fast, easy to use and highly personalised. Its online booking technology draws on artificial intelligence and machine learning to remember traveller and travel booker preferences, so giving users an intuitive online experience.

Savi is designed to streamline the booking experience for staff who travel as well as those who book travel. Features include:

  • Savi Select, a unique travel booker module which streamlines travel requests and quotes within the booking platform
  • Savi Credits, which provides new insights to improve visibility of outstanding credit on hold management
  • Cleanliness Indicators, where participating airlines and hotels now show their health and hygiene protocols for you to easily see in Savi.

To access Savi, visit the FCM Hub homepage and click on the ‘Online Booking Tool’ tile.

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Once logged on to the ACU network, you can access the FCM Hub and Savi booking tool without re-entering your username or password. Access is provided via your single sign-on details.

To download the FCM Travel Platform app, visit the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android), search ‘FCM Travel platform’, and select ‘Get’ or ‘Install’.

For help using these systems, there are plenty of training materials under the ‘Need Help?’ section on the FCM Hub homepage.

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