Academic Board Digest

Academic Board Digest from the 17 November 2021 meeting.

Chair of Academic Board’s Update
  • An overview of the 2021 Australian Chairs and Secretaries of Academic Board and Senates (‘OzCabs’) conference was delivered. Presentations covered the changing dynamics of Academic governance during and through the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact of foreign interference on the sector, as well as governance and risk management. The themes of the conference would be explored further at the 2022 Governance Day.
  • Academic Board:
    • discussed and noted the results of the Academic Board Self Evaluation Survey
    • provided advice on the annual report to Senate
    • provided advice on a Statement of Responsibilities for ACU Staff Members.
  • The recommendations and commendations arising out of the review of Faculty Boards were noted and discussed by Academic Board.
  • The Annual Student Priority List arising out of the Student Members’ Report to Academic Board was noted.
  • The new Academic Staff Teaching Qualifications and Equivalent Professional Teaching Experience Policy was approved by Academic Board.
  • A proposed amendment to the Microcredential and Short Course Policy was approved by Academic Board.
  • Executive Approvals during the period September – November 2021 were noted by Academic Board.
  • The Terms of Reference of the CMAS Expand and Enhance (E2) Project Steering Group were noted by Academic Board.
Vice-Chancellor and President’s Update

The Vice-Chancellor spoke to the following highlights:

  • The incoming Chancellor’s installation.
  • Student Veteran Impact Awards recipients.
  • Launch of EthicsFinder.
  • Professor Sandra Jones’ transition to the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research).
  • The achievements of several ACU staff that had been recently published in The Australian’s Research Magazine 2021.
  • The winners of the 2021 Vice-Chancellor’s Staff Excellence Awards.
  • Election to the Australian Higher Education Industrial Association.
  • Partnerships
    • ACU and Sovereign Order of Malta
    • ACU and Toongabbie Legal Centre
    • ACU and CatholicCare
  • Advancement and Alumni
    • George Alexander Foundation grant to support student excellence scholarships in Ballarat and Sydney
    • Perpetual Trustees funding to support the Clemente Program
  • Foreign interference updated guidelines.
  • Universities Australia Plenary. 
Provost’s Update
  • The Provost reported on the launch of the University’s new Learning Management System, Canvas, as well as her recent appointment to the Australian government microcredentials working group.
  • The Deputy Provost reported on the submission of ACU’s National Priorities and Industry Linkage Fund Pilot plan.
  • Academic Board noted:
    • the plan for the Student Success Program
    • the draft Assessment Policy
    • the draft Learning and Teaching Policy.
Values and Principles Statement

Academic Board endorsed the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander & Australian Catholic University Values and Principles Statement.

Reporting Committees
Courses and Academic Quality Committee

Academic Board noted minutes and updates and:

  • recommended the new course proposal for the Bachelor of Philosophy/Bachelor of Laws to Senate
  • approved the following major course changes:
    • Bachelor of Arts addition of Veterans Arts Minor, addition of Archaeology Major and Minor
    • Bachelor of Education (Secondary) Bachelor of Arts (Humanities, Mathematics, Visual Arts), Bachelor of Education (Secondary)/Bachelor of Exercise Science
    • Graduate Certificate in Higher Education
    • Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Birth to Five)
    • Bachelor of Creative Arts
    • Graduate Certificate in Aged Care Management
    • Master of Digital Health and Associated Award Courses: Master of Digital Health, Graduate Diploma in Digital Health, Graduate Certificate in Digital Health
    • Graduate Certificate in Clinical Nursing
    • Graduate Certificate in Family and Systemic Therapy
    • Master of Theological Studies.
  • approved the following course reviews:
    • Diploma in Languages
    • Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design, Diploma in Visual Arts and Design, Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts and Design), Bachelor of Arts (Visual Art/Graphic Design Disciplines)
    • Bachelor of Midwifery/Bachelor of Midwifery (Indigenous)/Bachelor of Midwifery (Graduate Entry)
    • Graduate Certificate in High Performance Sport Leadership
    • Bachelor of Nursing and Associated Degrees: Bachelor of Nursing (Enrolled Nurses), Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Paramedicine, Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Business Administration
  • approved the following discipline reviews:
    Bachelor of Arts – Economics Sequence
Student Experience and Retention Committee

Academic Board noted minutes and amendments to the Student Employability Strategy.

Student Administrative Lifecycle and Policy Committee

Academic Board noted minutes and updates and

  • approved:
    • amendments to the 2022 Academic Regulations
    • the 2023 Academic Calendar and Study Periods
    • The Veterans Entry Program: Family Expansion Program
  • noted the 2021 Admissions Report, Semester 2 Intake.
Faculty Boards

Academic Board noted minutes and updates.


Academic Board noted the following reports:

  • Reregistration Project Work Program Update
  • ACU Biannual Performance Report First Half 2021
  • ACU Strategic Plan KPI Review 2021
  • Thematic and Functional Final Review Schedule

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