Fitness Passport program now approved

Congratulations to everyone who signed up to a Fitness Passport membership. Soon you will have unlimited access to 800+ gyms & pools.

We had overwhelming interest and registrations in our Fitness Passport program  thank you. Without your support, it would not have been possible to activate the program.

Key dates for Fitness Passport members

Friday 17 June 2022: Your first fortnightly payment will be processed. This covers your joining fee. Your membership card is ordered on this date, so make sure you upload your photo before then.

Friday 1 July 2022: Your card will have arrived by this date. This is the day your fitness journey starts!

How to upload a photo for your membership card
  • Go to and click on Login
  • When you signed up, you will have received an email from with your username and password. Use that to log in.
  • Click on Manage Membership in the left-hand toolbar then select Membership Cards
  • Click on Upload Photo on the right-hand side of your screen
  • Click Upload Photo again and select your photo from your files by double clicking on the image you wish to use
  • Adjust the image so that your face fits in the centre of the box. How it looks inside the box is how it will appear on your membership card
  • Click Submit then OK to complete.
Missed your chance and now regret it?

Don’t sweat it! Now that the program is live, you can still sign up and enjoy discounted access to all the gyms and pools included in the program.

Join now by clicking on the link for your state:

  1. When will I get my card?
    Your card (and those of applicable family members) will be available or posted to your nominated address (entered into the system at the time of registration). It should be with you by Friday 1 July 2022.
  2. Which gyms and pools can I go to?
    This program allows you to go to any/all of the facilities included in the program as often as you like. Visit the link to your state or territory, above, for more information on the facilities available.
  3. What do I do when I arrive at the gym/pool?
    It depends on which facility you visit. At some facilities, you may be required to sign in by signing a manual logbook. At others you may have to scan the barcode of your card at one of the digital scanners. Just show the staff your Fitness Passport card and ask them how they would like you to proceed. Enjoy a good workout!
  4. I didn’t join by the registration deadline but now I want to join. What should I do?
    You can still join by clicking the link above for your state or territory. The sooner you do, the sooner you will get to share in the wonderful benefits of the program.
  5. I have a current gym membership and I am outside the contract period, what do I do?
    If you are intending to sign up with Fitness Passport or have already registered, you will need to cancel your membership with your gym directly and adhere to the process of that facility. Make sure you time it so that your access to the facility is not broken and the transition is smooth!
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